Welcome to johnwood.be! This website is divided into a few sections:




This is where you are now. Here you can learn a little bit about John Wood. Just click on the links to the left to go right to the information you want.



Virtual Tutor

This section is currently under construction. It will contain John's expert advice at learning many different subjects. Email John to request subjects and ask for FREE advice. You will be helping others who want to learn the same subject. This is not a sales technique. Your email will only be used once to respond to your question. It is purely a means of making the site more relevant.




This section contains reading recommentations and book reviews. Only the best books make it into John's Library. Email John to recommend a book to other visitors.




This is where you can learn about John's tutoring services and qualifications. Most importantly, you can get an unedited view of what other students have to say about his work.